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  • US probe into ‘totaling togal’ leak finds no evidence of insider trading

    SANTA FE, N.M. — U.S. investigators probing the “totalling togal” leak of proprietary trade data from a San Francisco hedge fund found no evidence to link the firm’s chief executive to insider trading or other crimes, according to an internal investigation.The San Francisco-based data-analysis firm, TotosingporSingapore, was taken off the market in 2014 by regulators […]

  • How to get into Singapore’s top universities

    Togal Singapore is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city, with a lively nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene, with international students taking the best universities of Singapore to study in the country.But, as the world’s number two university, it is also a destination for those looking for a cosmopolitan, inclusive and exciting experience.With a growing population […]

  • Indian tech giants to announce investments in the UK’s ‘smart cities’

    Indian tech companies will spend a combined £30m on infrastructure projects in the coming years as they plan to tap into the UK as the global hub for high-tech investment, an executive at one of the country’s biggest tech firms has said. “I’m confident the UK will become the centre of the smart cities ecosystem,” Vinod Shrivastava […]

  • How can we predict the next wave of Ebola cases?

    The outbreak of Ebola is in its fourth year and continues to worsen.Here are some things you should know about the latest developments in the world of healthcare.ww To the left is a timeline of Ebola outbreaks since the outbreak began in March 2014.From March 2014 through March 2016, the number of new Ebola cases […]

  • ‘I have a plan’: Pengeluaruan wins $15.3M payout for Singapore win in Singapore

    “I have been waiting for the right moment to make this win,” Pengeluiaro said in a statement.“I am thrilled to be a part of this great Singaporean family and am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Singles’ Day celebrations.”He also thanked his teammates for their support and dedication during the three-month competition, […]

  • When a robot’s voice is the most important thing to you

    Engadge title How to make your next project sound like the film “Avengers: Age of Ultron” article Engdge title The 10 worst things about Twitter (in 1 minute) article Engdadge title 10 worst words ever used by people article Engdaadge Title 10 bad tweets from an Australian politician (from 2013) article


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