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  • What’s a draw? And what’s a pool?

    By now you’re probably familiar with the hk pool (hk stands for Human Killer Kernels), a popular Python-based server that can host a whole host of different Python applications.The code is hosted on GitHub, so you can easily contribute to the project.It can be used for everything from web servers to email clients, with a […]

  • Why is this site called Gossip Girl?

    We’ve always had the impression that Gossip Girls was the name of a cartoon about a girl who loves to gossip.But it turns out the name is actually derived from the German word for is not the only one using the word to describe gossip.On the site, the word “gossip” is spelled differently depending […]

  • Indonesia’s ‘Togel’ data to go online in July 2018

    The country’s government announced the start of the public rollout of its national telco data to be made available in July, as it attempts to boost its online payments service.The government also said that payments in Indonesia will be available in the next few months.However, the telco operator said that data would be transferred to […]

  • How to Read: An overview of the latest news in Asia-Pacific by Serena Williams

    Serena William was one of the best-known basketball players of her generation, but she was also a great friend and a dedicated fan.She spent hours every day watching games, attending basketball tournaments and learning about the game.“She always told me that I was the only girl in the world who really enjoyed watching the game,” […]

  • Hadi Akhundi’s son says he wants to be president

    A 23-year-old politician in the country’s north is looking for the title of the countrys first Muslim president, saying his father was a “true patriot”.Hadi Akhad was the first president of the Muslim League in Bangladesh, which was formed in the aftermath of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and became Bangladesh’s first democratic party in […]

  • When Is The Best Time To Shop For Online Beauty?

    With the holiday season right around the corner, there’s no shortage of online beauty products to try out.We spoke with makeup artist Jitu Sgp to find out which of the most popular beauty products in the market today are the best for your skin.“Beauty is the first thing people notice when they walk into a […]

  • Is the Trump administration trying to make it harder for immigrant students to graduate?

    Posted September 25, 2018 05:19:16When the Trump White House released its first report on student immigration in August, the report noted that students with the most “priority” were students with a “significant family background” in the United States.The report also said that “the U.S. ranks 12th out of 34 countries in terms of net student […]

  • How a life changing moment can be transformed into a career

    Live result sgp: How a career can be a life-changing moment, according to a life changer who had a dream of becoming a journalist.Live result sgs: What to expect at the live results in 2019, the year before the 2019 general election, and 2018, and what to expect in 2019.Live outcome sgs 2019: The 2018 […]

  • JK Rowling on the Harry Potter books: I can’t be bothered to read them

    JK LUFFENSTEIN: The Harry Potter novels are such an amazing collection of stories, I can never read them.I can imagine what they would be like.But I’m also aware that they would take me months or years to read, which is why I’m doing what I’m currently doing, which I’m just putting them out in paperback.You’ve […]


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