When the Prediksis in the News Do Something That Doesn’t Exist, It Is the News

In the mid-2000s, a team of reporters from BuzzFeed News and the Los Angeles Times decided to take a deeper look at how some newsrooms and publications use data to report on news events.

The result is a series of articles that look at data from a wide variety of sources and reveal the most common and underappreciated ways news organizations use data.

The stories also look at the data’s role in shaping the stories we see.

These stories include a look at what the data can tell us about news stories, how data is used to inform and shape our own reporting, and how data can be used to enhance our own journalism.

We also talk about how the data itself can help us better understand what stories matter most to us, and what data can help inform the stories our audience cares about.

The first article in the series, “Why You Should Care About Data,” is available for purchase here.

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