What the data says: Live draw for HKP’s Hing Hing stadium shows Hong Kong is not a bubble

Live draw: Hong Kong’s HKP Hong Kong Sports Park on the edge of the mainland, which hosts the 2018 Asia Cup, has seen an average of 1,542,000 fans in its 12 months of operation, up slightly from the previous two.

That’s a slightly higher figure than the 1,334,000 average for the same period in 2020. 

But despite the fact the crowds have been growing in Hong Kong, the average attendance per game is still only 1,063,000. 

“The attendance in HKP is still down from previous years, and it is due to a decline in the number of home matches,” the HKP Sports Park said in a statement. 

Hong Kong’s government and sports authorities have also been working to improve the quality of the game.

Last year, the city’s authorities announced a plan to upgrade the stadiums to make it more attractive to overseas fans.

“The HKP stadium, with its high number of seats, has been an issue for the Hong Kong government, and also for the league,” the league said in an earlier statement.

“While the stadium is currently in good shape, the league is currently examining the extent to which the improvements can be implemented.” 

The HKPA said it would work with the league and the authorities to address the problems identified.