How to be Singapore’s most popular tourist: a guide to the top spots

Singapore’s top tourist attractions are all within a five-kilometre radius of each other, making for a truly global experience.

And that includes the famous city of Kampung Bahru, which is located just 10 kilometres from Singapore’s second city, Mok Kok.

That said, Kampung, also known as “the world’s biggest pearl” is also a place where the locals have to be on their toes.

In the city of 3 million, you can find all sorts of things that are not strictly touristy, such as museums, shops and restaurants.

But for locals, they will often take a moment to get their bearings before heading out.

The city of Singapore has been dubbed the most popular city in the world for tourism, according to a survey of 10,000 Singaporeans.

In the world’s second most popular destination, Dubai, Singapore is ranked second in terms of visitors, followed by Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is followed by Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Paris and London.

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