A ‘Tiger Mom’ who’s just as busy as her son is the ultimate inspiration for ‘Parenthood’ mom to raise daughter in Singapore

Jitu Sgp has been an international celebrity since she made her debut in the show “Family Ties” back in 2015.

Now, her new reality series, “My Son Is a Monster,” is a must-see for parents looking to see their kids’ personalities evolve as they get older.

“I think the best part about this series is it gives a lot of insight to the different traits a child may have,” Sgp told ABC News.

“We don’t want our kids to grow up in a world where everyone’s perfect and everyone has it all, but that’s what happens when we grow up.”

For Sgp, her sons are all different and her two young daughters are no exception.

But as her sons grow up, they are starting to show their own personalities and personalities are starting off to be quite different than the way their parents want them to be.

“It’s a good challenge to get them to see what’s actually going on around them, because their personalities are different than their parents would have wanted them to,” Sgrp said.

“My son has a lot more freedom to express himself in the world and how he wants to express his feelings.”

The reality series follows Sgp’s sons from their infancy to their teen years.

They’re the first generation of kids who have their own parents.

Sgp said her sons don’t even know who they are or where they come from.

“They are just learning and learning and I have my own kids.

My husband, my daughter and my husband are the only people who know that,” SGP said.

For her, the series is a chance to see how her sons react to a world that they’ve grown up in and a world in which they may not have a lot to do.

“So I think that’s really exciting,” Sgp said of the series.

“The parents need to be in a position to know what their kids are thinking.

They need to know where they are coming from.”

In the series, Sgp tells her children that the world is full of problems and challenges.

It’s all about learning how to adapt and grow.

“The challenge of being a parent is to give your child the best opportunity to be who they want to be and the best chance to succeed,” Sgsp said about the series.

“I hope my son and my daughter can learn a lot from the world.

I hope they can grow up to be a better person and a better human being.”

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