A man who thought he was being watched is now ‘the only person’ in the Philippines

A man in the southern Philippines has been caught on camera with his hands around a woman’s neck.

The video has been viewed over 2.3 million times since it was uploaded on Tuesday and shows a woman being dragged to the ground by her arms and legs before being punched.

She was reportedly pushed to the floor, while a man can be heard laughing.

The man in question was later arrested on suspicion of rape, according to local media.

A police spokesman told reporters the video showed “the danger that women face in public”.

“A man’s right to freedom of movement is guaranteed by law and a man has a right to protect his woman, especially during the time of public display,” police spokesman Chief Superintendent Robert Bambang said.

“The video shows that the man is not the only person in the public and that women are also at risk of harassment and abuse.”

We have to be vigilant and do not allow men to continue harassing women in public places.

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