Why India’s biggest fish farms are not being sold as fast as they were: How the industry is surviving

A fish farm in Uttarakhand, India’s poorest state, is in danger of closing down.

This week the state government announced it was closing the farm.

The farm was supposed to produce a billion liters of fish per day, but that number is now around 40 billion litres.

According to the state of Uttarakas Minister of State for Fisheries and Water Resources, Shri A.S. Dhar, there are currently more than 1,200 fish farms in the state.

According for the state, the fish farming industry in India accounts for 40 per cent of the nation’s GDP.

A lot of people have lost their jobs in the industry because of its collapse.

Some of them are working at fish farms as the fish prices are so low.

But these fish farms can’t survive any longer.

The state government wants the industry to reopen, but according to the company that operates the farm, it is going to be the hardest and most expensive to do.

The government wants to buy back the farm from the investors who had lent the money to the farm and it is expected that the cost of the purchase will be around Rs1,000 crore.

But the farmer says the deal will not be easy and he will not give up.

I have to ask my son, he says.

How will the investors feel if they see their money spent?

Will they have any sympathy for us?

What if the government decides to close the farm down and all the money that the investors have invested will be put back in?

A farmer with a farm in India’s Uttarakasu State.

The farmer’s son, who is not in the business of farming anymore, told us that they have lost his entire family to this industry.

What if there is a sudden increase in the price of fish and no one can pay the debts?

He said that the only way out for him is to give up farming.

In fact, there is no one who is willing to sell this farm.

We hope that the government will see the situation clearly and act quickly.

It is an important issue that the state has to deal with.

But even if there are no major changes in the farm industry, the situation is not looking good for farmers in India.

The report by the National Fish Development Authority (NFDA) states that India has 1,000 fish farms, of which around 1,700 are in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

But according to a recent survey, around 60 per cent people in the country do not even know about fish farming.

The NFDA report shows that fish farming is one of the most underutilised industries in India and that the farmers are facing a huge loss.

According the survey, just 11 per cent farmers were able to make a profit from fish farming, while in states like Odisha and Maharashtra, farmers are suffering because of high losses.

The NFFA report states that the loss of fish is an issue that impacts all sectors of the economy and that it is difficult to see how fish farming can survive in India if the fish farms continue to close down.

The fish farmers say that they will not take any chances with the fish farmers because they are not responsible for their own safety.

The situation is very complicated and people are working in an environment where they have to work with all kinds of conditions.

According a survey conducted by the government of Maharashtra, only 10 per cent fish farmers are working.

The majority of the fishermen have already left the state in recent years.

And according to fishermen, many of them have not worked for many years because they have no option.

It would be very difficult to keep working if there was no money to buy fish from farmers.

A fisherman with a fish farm on the outskirts of Mumbai.

A local fisherman who fishes in the area.

According on the NFFT survey, the state average wage is around Rs2,000 per month and the average salary for a fisherman is around $100 a month.

The average salary of a fish farmer is around 2,000 rupees ($17) per month.

So it is very hard to sustain a livelihood in the fish industry, says the fisherman.

The fishermen say that the people in this area are mostly farmers who have been working in the region for generations and many of the people do not know about the fish sector.

There are many fishers in the village who do not have much to sell and who are looking for new jobs.

According in the survey conducted in 2012 by the NFSDA, around 70 per cent workers in the fishing industry do not work because they do not get the money they need to buy their fish.

Some fishermen are unemployed because they cannot find any job.

The fishing industry in Uttrakasu State, India.

This is not the first time that