When does it really become clear if you’re in Australia?

The final question we ask ourselves is whether you’re truly a resident of Australia.

Is it safe to drive into Singapore?

Will your passport still be valid?

The answer is often an unequivocal no.

A new poll by Ipsos suggests the answer is yes.

The Ipsos Essential Tracking poll of 2,097 Australians conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, November 15-16, found that only 16 per cent of respondents thought they were in Australia when they were actually resident of the country.

Only 19 per cent thought they lived in Singapore when they actually were.

So if you live in Singapore, your passport will still be worth less than you think it will.

But the question isn’t really one of whether you are a resident or not.

It’s how long you intend to live in the country you were born in.

Australia is one of the most diverse countries on earth.

Its people are diverse, and some of its quirks are even more so.

Here are some of the quirky quirks of the South Pacific nation.1.

Its ‘white-bread’ and ‘dairy-free’There’s a reason why Australia’s name is so much more varied than most of its neighbours.

It’s a place known for its unique cuisine, with a range of different flavours to suit its tastes.

And while the national dish of rice and beans, prawn and mussels are staples of most Australians’ diet, it’s also known for some unique dishes.1st: Tuna sushi and avocado toast2nd: Chicken and carrot stir fry3rd: Prawn and shrimp tempura4th: Tofu tikka masala5th: Sweet potato tacos6th: Pork chop and bean stew7th: Potato pancake recipe8th: Kebab recipe9th: Biryani recipe10th: Fish and chips11th: Noodles and potato pancakes12th: Beef patty recipe13th: Corned beef recipe14th: Chicken curry recipe15th: Garlic and chilli sauce16th: Curry chicken recipe17th: Fried chicken recipe18th: Macaroni and cheese19th: Bacon-wrapped chicken recipe20th: Fritters and kiwi toast21st: Potato salad22nd: Fish salad23rd: Noodle salad24th: Salmon salad25th: Spinach salad26th: Shrimp salad27th: Avocado salad28th: Cabbage salad29th: Black beans and peas30th: Pinto beans and rice31st: Eggplant salad32nd: Chana rice33rd: Corn lettuce34th: Broccoli and eggplant35th: Lentils and peas36th: Spaghetti squash 37th: White rice38th: Chickpea soup39th: Applesauce and potatoes40th: Dried fruit and banana41st: Sausage and spinach42nd: Curry rice43: Shredded chicken 44th: Potatoes, rice and vegetables45th: Mushroom soup46th: Egg-white pizza47th: Mashed potatoes48th: Tomato soup49th: Mixed vegetables50th: Coconut and egg sandwich 51st: Pudding and chocolate chip pie52nd: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich53rd: Feta bread54th: Rice bread55th: Pizza bread56th: Quinoa bread57: Roasted eggplant58: Spicy vegetable 59: Chicken bread60: Pizza pie61: Bacon bread62: Tomato bread63: Mac and cheese64: Potato bread65: Chicken sausage and egg pasta66: Mushroom spaghetti67: Black bean and peas68: Beef and egg spaghetti69: Corn noodles70: Spinacotta and rice 71: Potato pasta 72: Cucumber spaghetti73: Corn and peas 74: Potato spaghetti75: Chicken pasta 76: Roast beef and mushroom spaghetti77: Cauliflower spaghetti78: Green beans and potatoes79: Roasting beef and egg soup80: Salmon soup81: Potato soup82: Muffins83: Egg and tomato soup84: Black pepper soup85: Cheddar and tomato spaghetti86: Potato and rice soup87: Spinach and potatoes88: Chicken soup89: Beef soup90: Sweet potatoes91: Spinafood stew92: Fettuccine and rice stew93: Beef steak soup94: Chicken, beef and cheese soup95: Sweet and sour sauce96: Sweet chili pepper soup97: Potato sauce98: Pork stew99: Chicken breast and cabbage soup100: Cottage cheese101: Spinucatta and egg noodles102: Curd and potatoes103: Rooster and eggs104: Spinatta and tomato sauce105: Spinamomos and potato sauce106: Roiled eggplant107: Fries108: Macarons and cream sauce109: Bacon and tomato cheese110: Sushi and egg salad111: Maki roll112: Pigeon and egg rolls113: Egg rolls