The Best Things In India In 2017

By: Anjali Chaudhary,Ansar Bhatt, Anjal P. Gopal, Jeevan Gopal and Shashank JoshiAjit BajajThe Best Things in India in 2017: India’s Top 10 Cities and TownsIn the first edition of the Best Places in India list, Mumbai’s city was named as India’s best city for 2017.

The ranking, which was released last month, takes into account the impact of technology and innovation on Indian cities and towns.

The list, which focuses on the 20 most popular places in India, is the latest of several similar initiatives launched by the Government of India to highlight the economic benefits of technology.

In a statement, Minister for Tourism and Culture Kalyan Singh said: “India has a unique combination of cultural diversity and innovative ideas that attract foreign investment.

In 2017, Mumbai was named among the best cities in the world by Forbes magazine, and was also selected as a Best Cities in India for the fifth time by the Society for Worldwide Interactions.

We are delighted that Mumbai is recognised as one of the top 10 cities in India.

This recognition will enable Mumbai to attract the attention of the global business community and enhance the city’s image globally.”

Mumbai is a major tourist attraction, with nearly one-third of all international visitors visiting India in the year to June 2018.

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