Singapore Police arrest 4 suspects in Singapore live draw

Authorities have arrested four suspects in a live-draw scam that is targeting foreigners visiting Singapore.

The suspects were arrested on Wednesday morning at a hotel in Singapore’s capital, Singapore, and are suspected of participating in a large-scale online live-trade scam involving foreign visitors.

The Singapore police, Singapore Immigration and Customs Enforcement (SIECO), the Singapore Police Department and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) all collaborated on the investigation.

The victims were lured to a Singaporean hotel by the purported live-sale tickets, which were allegedly sold through a website called

The victims were allegedly lured into signing up for the service using their social media accounts.

The tickets were allegedly made available for purchase through the TicketExchanger website.

According to police, the victims who paid the alleged high prices were then sent to an unspecified location where they were allegedly forced to take part in a staged live-game.

The suspects were allegedly also involved in a scheme to send out emails containing fake photos of tourists and fake messages to tourists who were looking to buy tickets.

Police believe the victims were victims of the same scam as the online live draw scams.

Police have arrested two people and are looking for additional suspects.