Gaijin Entertainment reveals new trailer for the upcoming sequel to Pokemon Go

Gaiju Entertainment revealed the first look at the new Pokemon Go trailer today for the next game in the franchise.

The trailer features a group of four Pokemon trainers battling a group that includes a couple of familiar faces from the series.

We get to see the three new Pokemon, as well as the new team of trainers in action, as we see them walk around the new world of Pokemon Go.

The new Pokemon are the first Pokemon to be released in the Pokemon GO series, and will be called the “Pokemon Red,” “Pokemon Blue,” and “Pokemon Gold.”

It’s unclear at this time if this is the same team of Pokemon trainers or new trainers.

The trailer opens with a series of shots of the Pokemon that we’ve already seen in the past: a Pikachu with its head lowered to its side, a Meowth and Pikachu walking in unison, and the three Pokemon being shown in the trailer with their tails held up in a “Pikachu” pose.

We see Pikachu’s head tilted back, Meowth with his tail lowered, and a Meowan standing up.

A Trainer’s head is lowered, with the “P” next to it.

The next shot of the team is a new shot of a new Pokemon.

The four trainers are shown with their heads held high in a Pikachu pose, with a Meowon standing behind them.

We also get to hear Pikachu say “I’m not afraid of you” before running off, as if he’s ready to battle.

The Trainer’s face is lowered again, as his head is resting on his chest.

We hear Pikachu saying “I love you!” after a moment of silence, and Meowan says “I know.”

Then we see the four trainers run off with Pikachu’s “I’ll catch you” call ringing out from behind them, with his Pikachu’s tail raised to his side.

The footage ends with the Pokemon on a mount on the top of a mountain.

The three Pokemon we saw in the previous trailer are on a mountain top, as the rest of the four Pokemon are on the ground.

The last image we see of the Pokémon is of a Pikachu standing on a cliff, with Pikachu holding his tail high above him.

The footage ends as the camera pans down to the camera angle showing the Pokemon, with its eyes closed, in the distance.