Blues vs Blackhawks: Predictions

With the Blackhawks, the Preds and the Predators, a new season of NHL hockey starts.

Here’s how you can get started in your own Preds-Preds fantasy hockey season.1.

The Blues’ line has some holes.

It’s clear the Blues don’t trust the power play, so they’ll have to rely on a strong two-way game to score goals.

They’ll also have to deal with injuries to a lot of key players.

They have to make up for lost time with strong defensemen Mattias Ekholm and Vladimir Tarasenko, and they’ll also be looking for a top-six winger.

The Blackhawks have some big problems in their offensive zone, but they can’t really be counted on to score.

It may not be enough to beat the Predks this year, but it’s a good start.2.

It will be interesting to see how the Blackhawks play with Ryan Garbutt back.

He was hurt and is out.

That means the Blackhawks will have to figure out how to play with the same four defensemen as they did last season.

That won’t be easy, and it could lead to some strange combinations.3.

Chicago is a tough team to beat.

They were able to beat Edmonton in overtime last year.

It wasn’t an easy win, but the Blackhawks are an aggressive team that’s willing to go to the edge to score and they also are a team that knows how to win in the shootout.

They are a tough opponent.4.

There are a lot more good defensive forwards on the Blackhawks.

If the Predskys can get some offense out of their defensemen, the Blues will have a tough time keeping up.5.

The Predators are in great shape.

They’ve got some good forwards and will be a great test for the Blackhawks in the first round.6.

The Blackhawks will need some luck on their side.

They’re a very good team that won’t have a lot luck in their favor.7.

The Preds will be desperate for points in this series.

They will need a lot from the Blackhawks to keep them from falling to 2-4-1.

They may have to take a step back and allow the Blackhawks some time to get adjusted.8.

It could be a tight race for the final spot in the West, but this series is a must-win.9.

The Hawks will be without some key players for this series, but there’s a lot to like about their defense.

The players they have that can make the plays are all solid.10.

This is a good team for a first round matchup, and the Hawks are in the best position to get a win.

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