Why ‘Star Wars’ won’t be back anytime soon: It’s not a franchise that you’ll ever want to return to

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has come and gone, and it has been an enduring phenomenon for years.

Fans of the film have grown up watching it, and its legacy continues to inspire a new generation of fans.

But what if the original trilogy were to go the way of the dodo and become extinct?

That would be a big loss for the franchise and the fans that made it the smash hit it is today.

In the wake of the release of Star Wars Episode VII, fans are wondering how the films story could have been any different.

A new article by Vox offers an answer, and the takeaway is a little sad.

Star Wars is a franchise with a long and storied history, but it will not be back.

And the one thing it won’t return to is the Star Wars franchise.

The answer to that question lies in the characters, who will be remembered for a very long time.

The original trilogy was a hugely successful movie series, with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood among its protagonists.

Fans loved the characters and their stories.

They loved seeing the characters come to life and their storylines grow.

They were the kind of stories that made fans think of themselves as part of a bigger community.

In other words, they were the kinds of stories Star Wars fans love.

In this case, the original three films, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Return of The Jedi, were the ones that made that possible.

That’s not to say that the Star War franchise will never be the same, but Star Wars is different than the Star Trek franchise.

This is because the original films are not set in the same universe as the subsequent films, so their stories are not the same.

The stories are set in another galaxy far, far away, and are not connected to one another.

This means that the characters in the original movies are different than those in the new films.

The characters in Return of A New Hope were different from the characters from Return of Jedi.

This is why George Lucas had to rewrite the scripts for all three films.

It’s also why the films original story was not connected in the way that the new story is.

And in fact, it is why many fans will never return to the original Star Wars trilogy.

In fact, Star Wars has been a franchise since the very first film.

The original trilogy itself was created in 1966.

The next four films were released between 1977 and 1981.

The fifth film was released in 1983.

And of course, the last three films are all in the franchise’s history.

Star wars has a history that is long, rich, and full of surprises.

So the question is, how can the franchise be made the same as its predecessors?

How can we take the characters that we love and build upon them?

The answer lies in finding the right actors to play those roles.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has many of the same actors as Star Wars, including the ones who play the roles in the films.

The franchise also has many, many actors from the original series.

That makes for a diverse cast of characters, but one thing is for certain: The Star Wars characters will be in the Star Force Awakens.

If the Star Star Wars universe continues to grow, we could see Star Wars in a new way in the next two decades.

With the advent of the new generation, we will see new films based on the original franchise, and hopefully these will also be a continuation of the Star wars series.

The characters in these films will not only continue to exist, but they will become even more important to fans of the franchise.