What does it mean when ‘Hari’ is in the title?

When you watch a movie, you expect the protagonist to speak and walk like an actor.

But it’s a common misconception that “Hari” means the same thing as “Haru” or “Hare” in Hindi.

Instead, “Hori” or the same as “haru” in Punjabi is used as a prefix that indicates a particular action or event.

Punjabis “HARI” prefix has many meanings.

In this episode of the new show The Ringer, we examine some of the most common uses of the “HARR” prefix.

First, we look at the “hari” prefix in the context of a sentence.

Next, we see how Punjab speakers use it in everyday speech.

Finally, we go behind the scenes of the production of this popular Hindi-language movie, “Barefoot,” which stars a Bollywood star and features a lot of Hindi characters.

To watch the whole episode, check out the video above.