RTE’s The Great Gatsby (2014) trailer released online – RTE link

With the release of its third trailer, The Great, Gatsbys third instalment, RTE has finally released its trailer for the film. 

The trailer, which can be viewed below, shows the film in its original spliced and sped up version, as well as a new version of the opening scene with a different title card, the credits and a scene where Tom Cruise is seen with his father.

It is not the first time that the RTE trailer has been uploaded online, as it was posted online in July. 

It also has a new trailer and a trailer from the first film, which you can see below.

In a statement released on Sunday, Rte said:The Great Gags trailer is now available to watch on RTE, with the film released on Friday (21 March). 

The first trailer, which has since been removed from RTEs official website, shows a very different scene than the one we saw in the film’s trailer, with Cruise’s father, George, and Tom Cruise playing poker, as they had in the first trailer. 

This new version also introduces a new title card to the film, as opposed to the previous version that showed the title card in the original splicing.

The Great,, Getsby also marks the end of the last film in the trilogy.

The third film, The Lost Weekend, was released in November 2015. 

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