“Kelty is a new concept, but it is very important for Kelty to be viable in Malaysia.”

Kelty is the new concept that Kelty Malaysia plans to offer to its customers.

Kelty offers to pay an upfront fee and it charges customers a monthly subscription fee of RM500 (US$1.90) plus a service fee of 100 RM, depending on the number of Kelty members they have.

The monthly subscription cost of RM350 is reduced by the Kelty service fee for the next billing cycle.

Kelbit is the first app to offer an auto-pay option.

Users can make their payment using a debit card or PayPal account.

Kelting Malaysia, which Kelty acquired from Google last year, launched the service in April 2018, with the goal of providing users with an automated, seamless payment experience, which is why the app is being developed as an Android app.

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Kelto Bautista, Kelty’s chief executive officer, said the service will be more convenient for customers, who are often not able to make a payment online.

“We are not going to charge more than a certain amount, which we believe will be reasonable.

We will be very accommodating to our customers, and we will provide them with the tools to manage their finances,” Bautistas said.

The service is available in Malaysian, Thai, Chinese and English.

The company plans to have over 3 million users by the end of 2021.

“The company has always been a mobile-first company, and Kelty has always maintained an open relationship with its customers,” Bontis said.

“Our goal is to provide an innovative solution for Keltech, Kelting and our customers.

It is our hope that our customers will embrace the Kelting app and will benefit from Kelty services and services.”

Kelty launched the Kelto brand in 2015 with a focus on helping people save money online and offline.

The brand has been praised by media and consumer advocates for being the first digital currency to achieve mainstream acceptance.

In 2016, Kelto launched its first app, called Kelty Pay, which offered a mobile wallet for digital currency payments.

The digital currency was accepted by major financial institutions and by local and foreign investors alike.

The mobile wallet also helped Kelty scale, with it becoming the largest digital currency wallet provider in Malaysia in early 2017.

According to Kelty, its mobile wallet has become the second largest digital wallet provider after the Hong Kong based BitPay.