How to add an RSS feed to your google docs

article How to easily add an HTML article to Google docs with pngrrn to gel. 

You will need to know HTML and CSS. 

The easiest way to do this is to use pngrrs library in your browser and use the add link command to paste in the HTML file.

Now that we have the HTML, we can use the png rss feed in the editor.

To do so, click the + icon next to the text field.

This will open the edit panel, where you can select the HTML you want to edit.

Select the heading text of the article.

You can use any text editor you want.

Then, click on the plus sign at the top right of the page and select paste.

The page will open with an HTML editor, so scroll down and you should see a text field, a heading and an edit link.

Use the editor to insert your changes.

Hit save, and then click on OK. 

Once you have your changes saved, you will need a bookmark to go back to it.

To bookmark your changes, go to the bookmarklet in the left sidebar. 

Then, tap on the bookmark icon next the heading.

That bookmark will open a new window, so click on it and select the bookmark you want on your toolbar.

Next, tap the red arrow at the bottom of the window and select add bookmark.

In the new window that opens, type the URL of your bookmark and click OK.

If you are using an external bookmark manager, you can also click on its bookmark icon to add it to your bookmarks.

You will see a window like this one when you bookmark a document, so choose the option that says add bookmark to external bookmark.

Now, you are all set. 

Now, it is time to add a link to the article, which you can do using the add page command. 

To add a new page, simply drag the link from the previous page onto the new page.

As a result, you should now see a link on your new page that says “Go here for this article.” 

You can then copy and paste it into your Google docs article.

After you have made your changes and saved them, click save. 

This will bring up the next window.

Here you can edit your changes in the edit mode, and you can save them to your Google Docs file. 

If you want, you could also use the editor for this purpose.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the content of your article at the beginning of the doc. 

Next, you need to add links to the end of your articles. 

For this, you simply drag them onto the end.

Click on the little icon next each heading and then hit the + sign.

Again, if you are not using an editor, you might need to use the bookmark editor, and this is how you do that. 

Finally, you’re done! 

It’s time to publish your changes to your doc.

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