How the Togelnet is changing the game of rugby league in South Africa

Togelskwekwe has become the unofficial rugby league training ground in South African capital Pretoria.

The first indoor training ground for the national competition opened on Saturday in the heart of the country’s capital city, the city’s football club said.

The Togellets are based in Pretoria and run out of a former railway station in the city.

They are a former football academy but with a rugby league side and have been working closely with the SA Rugby League Development Team (SRDT).

The SRDT has organised the training sessions for the Togs in the capital and in the neighbouring state of Limpopo.

They have also run the Tugelnet in Limpopia, which has hosted rugby league matches.

The inaugural Togelaan is scheduled to take place on March 31.

“Togelnets are designed to be very structured, very structured in that it’s a rugby style, and very high intensity,” said South African Rugby League player-manager Paul McLean.

“It’s a great training ground, very, very high quality.

We’re all looking forward to playing at this stage.”

The Tugelskowe will be the third indoor training centre for the SA national competition.