Crypto Coins to use in e-commerce in Malaysia

The digital currency Angka will use in online shopping soon.

In the near future, the company will introduce e-wallet services for digital payments and online shopping.

The new Angka service, which is part of a group of crypto currencies, will allow customers to pay for online and offline purchases using Angka.

The service is being developed by the Angka team.

The team is working on integrating Angka into e-Commerce platform and it is also working on building a blockchain platform for digital payment services.

Angka will offer a secure and secure e-payment service.

The service will allow merchants to securely transfer payments between users.

If a payment is sent using Angaka, it will be instantly confirmed by the e-wallets.

To be more specific, Angka’s service will use a secure payment system that is similar to Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

An Angka e-payments service is currently available for the Singapore market.

It will offer payment options ranging from US$0.25 to US$1.

Angka has also announced that its service is available for users in other countries.

“We want to bring the most convenient, fast and secure digital payment system to the Singaporean market,” Angka CEO and co-founder Mohd Salim Mohd Asli said.

Online shoppers will be able to make payments using Angkauks e-currency, which will be used in online and online purchases.

The Angka digital currency will also be able access the Angkauras cloud service for storing transactions.

According to the company, customers will have access to payment options for payments in multiple currencies.

Asli explained, Angkaus payments will be processed through a secure platform that will only work on the Angkas servers.

Currently, Angkas e-money payment service is limited to US$.5.

With the launch of Angka, Angkanese will be the first cryptocurrency to accept Angka as payment method.

The company plans to launch more Angkaoes digital currency payment services soon.

The company has a team of about 80 people working on the project.

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