‘This is what it’s like in India’: Women in Kerala protest at hospital treatment

Kerala’s police has arrested a man suspected of killing at least six people and injuring seven others in separate incidents at hospitals in the state’s capital, Pune, over the weekend.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and other officials have claimed that the man is an extremist who is part of a network of attackers who killed and injured scores of people last month in Kerala, the world’s fourth-largest state.

But the suspected attacker, who police say attacked three hospitals in a series of shootings, has denied any link to the attacks.

The alleged attack was in the city of Pinaraysur and occurred Saturday evening, Puducherry police said in a statement Monday.

Police say the alleged attacker went to the hospital in the area of Rajadamnern Road, where he attacked three patients, two of whom were critically injured.

The other two were treated and released.

The three wounded patients were taken to hospital in Rajadamannern and Pudugannern, police said.

Police also arrested a 19-year-old man, who they said had ties to the same network.

Police arrested the 19-old, who is currently in police custody, in connection with the attacks, the statement said.

Authorities said the hospital attack happened in the early hours of Sunday, when the man allegedly tried to stab a paramedic who was responding to a complaint.

He allegedly then fired shots at the paramedic, who was also at the scene, the police statement said, citing the injured.

Police said that the injured person was transferred to a hospital in Pudu and is in a stable condition.