Televised cricket match to be held in Singapore – News24

Televisualised cricket matches between the two countries will be held here on February 23, 2018.

The Televisiels are in the final stages of negotiations with the Cricket Board of India (CBSI) to finalise the details of the match.

While CBSI has not yet finalised the details for the match, a source close to the matter told News24 that it would be held at Televisa Stadium in Singapore.

Televised football matches between Australia and New Zealand have been held in Australia before.

But the match is likely to be the first time two teams from two different countries will play a televised match.

The match will also be the last time the two nations will play cricket.

This will also mark the end of the last Ashes Test series between the nations.

Australia will play Pakistan in Lahore on February 16.

Pakistan will play India in Delhi on February 19.

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