I am not Jewish and I am proud of being a Muslim, says the founder of a popular Jerusalem tattoo parlour

In a speech at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICAA), the founder and creator of tattoo parlor Kupa Tattoo, the renowned Israeli artist Ilan, spoke about the fact that his customers don’t have to hide their religion.

I don’t hide my religion.

I’m a Jew, but I’m not Jewish, he said.

He added that he does not hide my identity, and I’m proud of it.

He went on to describe how the business started and its success, and the success of his clients.

His customers don´t have to be Jewish, they can choose what they want.

We have a clientele from every region of the world.

We also have clients from different parts of the country.

They come from all walks of life.

They are diverse in the country and in the world and it is a reflection of our unique character.

The entrepreneur explained how his business is a product of his love for the Jewish people.

If I am honest, it is not a religion-related business, he explained.

I don’t want to have a Jewish clientele.

In addition to being a tattoo parla, Kupas customers also choose the colors and designs for their tattoos.

Kupas tattoo parltions customers are not required to wear religious symbols.

The customer has to choose a tattoo design.

When a customer has chosen a tattoo, Kumpas customers are asked to sign a form agreeing to the terms and conditions of the tattoo and then a new design is created.

It is not possible for the customer to opt out of the service because the tattoo is being created.

The tattoo artist is the one creating the tattoo, he told the audience.

My tattoos are meant to be for me and not for anyone else.

I think it is important to give people the freedom to choose whatever they want, he added.