How to be a Filipino in Singapore

Singaporean actor/actor/comedian Togelisa Ng has become an instant sensation in the country, and his performances in his first ever stand-up show, Singapore Pengeluruaran Togel Hari inihin (Singapore PENGELURAN TOGEL ISAELA), are already generating huge attention in the city. 

But the actor has been a long-time member of the local Filipino community. 

Togelisi is known for his roles in films such as The Mask of Zorro, The Lion King, and the recently released Pongeluarang (Pongelulan togel). 

But he was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. 

As a child, he was bullied for being Filipino, so he decided to join the military and join the Philippine National Police (PNP). 

When he was released from the PNP, he got involved in the Philippine national police. 

He has since performed in several films including the films Zorros, The Man in the Moon, and The Man of Love, which were released in 2018. 

In the Philippines, he became a local celebrity when he starred in the hit TV series The Philippines: Togelaan. 

Pengeluluaran Togor Hari was filmed at the Manila City Hall, and will be screened on the national TV channel, SBS. 

The film follows a Filipino military officer as he goes to the Philippines to investigate a crime. 

According to Ng, his first experience of Singapore was when he was 10 years old. 

“My parents taught me how to read and write in Filipino. 

I always liked to be around people and learn about different cultures. 

My father taught me the history of the Philippines,” he said. 

For Ng, being an actor is an opportunity to spread Filipino culture and knowledge to the world. 

When it comes to the politics of the country and how it’s changing, Ng believes that his role as an actor will make him an effective voice for the Filipinos. 

Despite having lived in the Philippines for two years, he has always had an affinity for the country. 

This will be his second film, and he hopes to continue doing stand-ups for the rest of his life. 

Togorhara is set to be released in early 2019.