How the world’s first ‘Hacker Day’ event is making headlines in India and around the world

A hacker day on Saturday has been called by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mark the first anniversary of his victory in the country’s June elections.

A “hackathon” will be held in the city of Hyderabad and organisers say the event is not meant to be a political rally, but a celebration of the people’s spirit.

“This is a day of celebration for the people.

We are taking our share of responsibility and responsibility alone,” a statement from the event’s organisers said.

It has been billed as the “hackday” to encourage participation in “hacking” projects, a term that has been used to describe the creation of a variety of new technologies and new services, from the internet to social media.

In November, the government announced plans to create a “digital ecosystem” to foster innovation.

“The day is not just about technology and the technology industry, it is about the spirit of the nation,” Modi told the nation in his inauguration speech.

“I want you to take the first step by joining this project and be a part of it.”

Modi is due to attend the event, which has already been organised by various social media platforms and other organisations.

He said on Saturday that the country was ready to embrace the digital economy.

“You will have a digital economy where people can trade with each other, where we will be able to connect the world and help people to become more independent,” he said.

“And this will happen without the government.”

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