Polygon’s new ‘The New Yorker’ cover story: The New Yorker’s obsession with ‘the other’

We’ve all had the experience of reading a cover story about a movie or TV show that’s so bizarrely different that it’s almost impossible to relate to.

But a recent New Yorker article on the new TV series “The New York Public Library” made a compelling case that “The Other” may have been an entirely new medium.

“In the age of digital books, it’s easy to forget that this was a publication whose main purpose was to entertain,” the article reads.

“The book’s cover depicts a room full of men sitting around a table, eating a bowl of cereal, playing a game.

Then, as the lights go down, the screen zooms out and a picture of a woman’s face appears in the background.

It’s the image of the other, of the female version of the protagonist in ‘The Other.'”

As the title suggests, the show is about a collection of men who, in the show’s telling, live their lives as other people.

“We wanted to give these men a place in the world they might never have encountered, but also to show that they were a part of the culture that we were living in,” showrunner Michael Schur told The Verge in a statement.

The show will be written by “The Book of Life” and directed by the same team that helmed “The Handmaid’s Tale” — a television show that also happens to be set in a dystopian future where women are enslaved by the patriarchy.

The New York-based publication is owned by Amazon, and its writers have a history of pushing boundaries, so “The Others” will definitely be interesting.

“They are an interesting new medium that is not only the latest and greatest example of a new media platform, but a new medium, too, in its own right,” the cover story reads.

The book was originally published in May, and the series will premiere on Netflix this fall.

The creators hope the show will bring together the people behind “The Handsome Men,” who have been doing a lot of work on the series for the past few years, and a group of artists, including one of the creators of the “The Library” series, Sam Linton.

“I think the show has some great potential,” Linton told Polygon at the time.

“It’s very much about the lives of these men and their struggles.

It is about the stories of the people in the story.”

The cover story is a must-read for any fans of the series.

The article is a fantastic introduction to what’s to come, and one of Polygon the first to talk to the creators about how the show came together.

You can read the full cover story for more details on “The Women’s March” and other events happening in New York City, but Polygon will be posting more coverage as the show ramps up.

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