Hong Kong: The Biggest City of the World

Hong Kong is the biggest city in the world by land area and its inhabitants have a greater standard of living than any other city in Asia.

But in spite of the city’s status as a major financial hub, its population is a small fraction of that of many other cities.

How big is Hong Kong?

1.6 million people live in the city.

2.2 million live in its suburbs.

3.4 million live outside the city center.

5.4 billion people in the country live in Hong Kong.

It’s also one of the most densely populated cities in the Western Hemisphere.

Hong Kong has one of Asia’s most dense and densely populated populations, but it has one-quarter of the world’s population.

There are around 9,000 million people living in Hong Kowloon.

The city has around 30,000 businesses and around 6.2 billion people.

Its population is estimated at 9.5 percent of the entire world’s.

Hong Kong has some of the highest levels of crime in the western hemisphere, and in the last year it has experienced the worst level of murder in history.

According to Hong Kong police, the city experienced a 5 percent increase in violent crime last year compared with 2015.

But the crime rate has actually dropped in recent years, in part because of increased surveillance, increased law enforcement, and the introduction of stricter sentencing.

A study by the International Centre for Crime Prevention and Control, or ICCC, in September 2016 found that there were 2,973 homicide victims per 100,000 population in Hong kong.

In contrast, the US, with its comparatively small population of more than 11 million, had an estimated murder rate of 2.6 per 100 people.

The city’s crime rate is estimated to be slightly lower than the rest of Asia, at 1.2 murders per 100 thousand people.

The most recent figures available from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, or IACP, suggest that the city has an average murder rate that’s only slightly higher than the US.

Despite its size, Hong Kong still has a low level of violent crime.

A 2015 report by the London-based London School of Economics found that in the years before the 2011 riots, crime in Hongkong had fallen to about 50 murders per one million people, and it has remained relatively stable since then.

In Hong Kong, the crime problem is most severe in the financial districts, where the gangs are the most powerful, according to the city government.

Its most prominent gangs are Mong Kok and Mong Kok Mong.

Since the early 1990s, the Mong Kok gang has grown to include dozens of street gangs and is now the biggest criminal group in Hong Kwong, with about 10,000 members, according the IACP.

Mong Kok has the most street-level violence, with an estimated 6,000 murders per year.

The other major gang in the area, Mong Kok Bang, has about 2,000-3,000 people.

Mong Kong Bang, meanwhile, has around 1,000 and is mainly involved in the illegal drug trade.

The Mong Kok Gang has about 1,200-1,400 members.

The Bangs, for their part, have about 1 in 2,300.

According to the police, Mong Kong, Mongok Bang, and Bang Bang Mong are all linked by a common leadership structure and are organized around the idea of the Mong Kong gang.

They are closely linked to each other, and their violence is driven by a shared hatred of the mainlanders.

At the time of writing, the IACCP report said that the gang had more than 50,000 “members.”

They are mostly young men in their twenties and thirties, and have a history of violent criminal activity.

They have a reputation for violence, but they do not commit large-scale killings.

They may be involved in drug dealing and petty crime.

The gang is also known to be involved with organized crime.

Other gangs in the Mongkong area, however, are not as violent as the Mongkok gangs.

For example, the Gang of Eight is made up of young men who are members of the Hong Kong branch of the National Union of Students, or NUS.

They also have a more violent reputation than Mong Kok.

The Gang of eight has around 3,500 members.

As of 2016, the Hongkongs gang has around 25,000 active members.

There are about 5,000 of these gang members who are part of the Central District Gang, which is the area of Mong Kok, Mongk Wong, and other parts of the Eastern and Southern Districts of Hong Kong City.

Most Hong Kong residents have not lived in HongKong for decades, but their daily lives are drastically changed by the riots.

Hong Kong has been under siege