Which Indonesian footballer is the best at winning at all costs?

The last time an Indonesian player won the World Cup was in 1994.

They did it in the final against Argentina.

A few years later, in 2014, they beat France by two goals to go all the way.

There was not much to compare that year with this.

Indonesia, on the other hand, had been playing well for a long time.

They had won a World Cup before and they had been a powerhouse for years.

They also had an amazing squad, with a lot of great players, and they were a team with a very deep history.

And that history is still there.

This is a team that, at the beginning of the tournament, was not very good and they struggled to play.

They didn’t have a deep history with the national team, they didn’t know what they were doing.

They were a little bit rusty and they didn.

But they made the final.

They beat Argentina in the semifinal and they beat Germany in the quarterfinals.

That’s the kind of result that Indonesia can expect to have.

This team is one of the best in the world and they will be tough to beat.

They will be very hard to beat in the World Championship.

It is a really strong team.

We will see how the tournament unfolds.

I think they are very talented players and very well-rounded.

They are all in their 30s and they are all really fit.

They have a lot going for them.

This is the World Cups first knockout stage and they have to be extremely well-prepared.

They haven’t played a single match yet, but they are already looking really good.

They need to prepare very well and prepare with all their energy and determination and then come together in the tournament.

They want to win it all.

They are a team which has won many World Cups.

If they win the World Championships they will go through to the knockout stage in Russia.

It is a big tournament.

It will be a big test for them because they are not the best team in the competition.

They aren’t going to get the best result.

They don’t have the strongest squad.

They can’t compete with the best teams from Europe.

They just can’t.

They may be a very difficult team to beat, but the World Champions are a very good team and they deserve to win.

In the end, the World Champion team will be the team that is playing the best soccer in the continent.

There is not one player on this team who has won a trophy, but I think it is important to keep an eye on what the other teams are doing.

There are players who have won trophies, but are not in the squad because of injuries.

They might have some good players but they just aren’t very good.

So, I think this team has some potential.

They all have some qualities.

They’re not all world-class players but I really think they will do well.