Totojitukai: Toto-Singapore’s most-visited tourist spot

Singapore’s TotoJitney, a popular restaurant in the capital, has been on the market for some time now and is looking for a buyer.

According to a statement on the website, the eatery is looking to buy the restaurant’s trademarked name TotoSingapore for Rs1.5 crore.

Totojit is the word for ‘home’ and is a trademark of TotoJet, the airline’s Singapore division.

The restaurant’s name also belongs to another famous Toto Jet restaurant, The Toto Jitney in Prahran, Malaysia.

Totjis popularity in Singapore has been growing steadily since the country’s economic growth began to pick up in 2014.

The restaurant’s owners are hoping to make it a successful venture and hope to attract more tourists and locals by offering different menus and a more sophisticated atmosphere.

The Totjins’ Singapore brand, Totojet, was also a trademark for TotoJs restaurants in Singapore.