Totojito’s SGP: It was the first time that the Serbian national team made the final of the Olympic Games

The TotoJitu have been a surprise, and not just because they made it to the final against Colombia in Rio de Janeiro.

After their 5-1 defeat to Portugal on Monday night, the Serbian team was considered the strongest team in Europe and the strongest squad in the world.

But for the Serbian players, it wasn’t just about showing their skills in the Olympic games.

Totoji had been under intense pressure from his countrymen and fans since the last game of the tournament against Portugal.

After that defeat, Totoja was criticized and called a traitor.

The team even went into exile for the last couple of weeks to make it through the tournament.

Totojato’s Sgp: A Serbian team that came in first in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first and only time in its history.TOTJATO, Serbia – It was a very difficult game to watch on television, especially with the score tied at 1-1, but the Serbian soccer team finally took the victory after the hosts of Eurovision lost their first two games of the competition.

After the game, Totonjato head coach, Dusan Krivac, spoke about how the players’ performance on Sunday helped them to make their way through the competition, adding that they had to make a lot of changes after their first match against Portugal to prepare for the second match.

Krivac said the team changed a lot on Sunday, and it is not just their physical preparation, but also mental and mental preparation.

He added that the players had to have a better mentality, and they had some tough games with Colombia and Portugal.

Totojito won their first three games, and the Serbian fans were so pleased that they gave Totojon the biggest cheer of the game.

TOTOJITO, SPAIN – For us, it is important to play well in a good way, Krivic said.

It is important for us to win games.

After we lost against Colombia, we didn’t have a great game against Portugal, so we had to take the positives from that match.

They played very well, but we had a bad game against them and we were unable to beat them.

The fans gave us a big cheer, but they also gave us credit for the team’s performance against Colombia.

They also gave me great praise for my performance against Portugal in the final.

It was not the same after the game against Colombia on Monday, but I have to take all these positives.

The next match will be a big one, Kravic said after the victory over Portugal.

The Serbian team will play Colombia in the second round of the Eurocup in Spain on Wednesday.