SGP’s Singapura: We’ve got the numbers, and they are huge!

SGP Singapure (SGP) have now clinched the second spot in the World Superbike Championship, just a few days after the first win of the season.

The Singapore Grand Prix came in just one position from the lead group of five, but as they went on to the second lap of the race, it looked like they had the chance to make the podium.

However, it was all over when they were overtaken by Marc Márquez at the start of the second corner. 

The win was not as dramatic as they had hoped, with a total of just nine points for the team.

However SGP have come up short against the likes of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, with only Márada and Gillen making a real effort to make it to the top of the standings. 

SGP Singpura’s first victory in 2017 came in 2016, when they won the WSBK class and the Italian made the top three for the first time in the series. 

However, the team is looking to build on this season’s success and continue to improve. 

“This win is a great boost for our team and I’m happy to see that we are now the number one team in the championship,” said SGP Team Principal, Karen Gillen.

“We are still a young team with a lot of room to grow and we know that we will have the support of our fans and the media in the future.” 

The SGP team will be aiming to go for another win this weekend in Singapore, with Marek Hasegawa, David Leal and Dmitrii Cantwell also in contention for the victory. 

A victory for SGP could be a great way of taking the momentum away from Myrna Kostov, Vitaly Pirozhkov and Vladimir Petrov to keep them in contention. 

With their season in jeopardy, the SGP squad are now looking to move forward and secure another podium in the race. 

Full results will be released later on Saturday.