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A senior Finnish surgeon has developed a treatment for a rare and aggressive form of leukopenia that causes life-threatening swelling.

Leluaria can cause death within hours.

Dr. Toni Pulkkinen says his treatment is a promising new tool for patients who may have a life-altering disease.

Dr Pulklinen is an associate professor at University Hospital in Helsinki.

The treatment is called a leukoplast, which is a combination of two different treatments.

One of them, the pirotamivir, blocks the growth of leukaemia cells and helps to prevent further infection.

The other, the telaprevir, acts as an anti-cancer drug, helping to stop the spread of cancer cells.

The leukoplasmasis can affect the lymph nodes, causing them to swell.

Pulkinen says he has treated patients for years with a combination treatment.

Now, he says he is seeing more and more patients who are suffering from the disease.

The symptoms of leucopenia, he explains, are similar to that of other forms of leukemias, such as myelodysplastic syndrome and myelogenous leukemia.

He said the new treatment is more effective than the other treatments he has tried.

Dr Toni says patients with the rare disease usually need two treatments, but the treatment with telapravir has been shown to be more effective, and more affordable.

The new treatment involves a combination combination of the two treatments.

Pile Up Leukoplasmosis The new leukoperidol (telapravirox) drug has not yet been approved in the United States.

However, Dr Priklinen hopes it will soon be available in Europe.

He is currently in discussions with the European Medicines Agency.

The agency will decide if to approve the drug next year.

Prikinen’s company, Novo Therapeutics, is a biopharmaceutical company with an international sales team based in Toronto.

It is also part of Novo Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian pharmaceutical company.

Prakko Pulkalinen is one of the patients Dr Prakkinen treats.

He suffers from leukaemias, but his treatment with Telapravirex has been effective.

He has a normal life expectancy and no major problems, he said.

He had a normal work life and was not too stressed.

But this year he became ill and spent most of his time in the hospital.

He was in a constant state of pain.

Doctors prescribed a combination therapy, called telapirox, which has been proven effective in treating other types of leukoencephalopathy.

Pukko said he has been receiving treatment with the drug for three years and that he has seen a significant improvement in his quality of life.

Pikkalä Pekkarinen is a 44-year-old retired police officer who lives in Helsinki’s old town, Tampere.

Pekkinen said he is currently taking a combination drug called teleproterenol.

It has been tested in clinical trials and Pekko believes he has shown great promise.

The drug has been found to reduce the risk of a stroke and kidney stones, he added.

Pikkalinen said the drug was given to him by his doctor.

Pumpkinen was diagnosed with leukaemic leukaocytosis a few years ago, but he never thought he would have the condition until the leukaologic syndrome began affecting his quality and ability to walk.

His wife, Nina, said that at first he thought he was just having an allergic reaction.

He also was unaware that he was having leukaplastic tumors.

“He was very scared.

I had no idea.

He told me I should take medication and he had no time,” said Nina.

Nina and Pikko say they have two other children.

Palkinen said that his wife, who is a nurse, has become a strong supporter of the family, even though he is now at home with his children.

“We live a very simple life here.

We have a small apartment with our two cats and we have two cars, one of which has an automatic transmission,” he said, adding that his family has always been very supportive.

“I am not going to let this happen again.

This is the first time in my life that I have had a serious leukaomatic disorder, and it has been a nightmare,” Pekkunen added.