How to get an ice bucket on a holiday with your kids

When the family got home, the kids had a few more treats to eat.

But the best part was when they got a chance to have a game.

They were playing “Ski” together, in the dining room.

It was like a big playground for them.

So, it didn’t take long for the family to discover they had a sweet little snowman in their dining room that they could put down and climb on.

It’s a new game for the kids and they are loving it!

(Video courtesy of @karlb)The snowman is now in their living room.

The family decided to have the snowman climb on the walls and decorate the room with the snow.

The video above shows the kids playing “Snowman” together.

The snow is falling, so we have to make a snowman to put down.

(Video by @karnyb)After watching this video, my husband and I were so excited to play it again, and so happy we did.

(YouTube/Snowman-snowman-greeting)We are so glad we did this!

It is SO easy to get the snow on a wall, so it is SO good for kids to do this.

And it is fun to see how the snow moves!

It’s a simple little game that can get kids out and about in the backyard and it is such a great way to entertain them!

It is amazing how this snowman turned out!

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